Monday, July 28, 2014

We Got Married!

I've been away from here for the last two weeks or so but for a very good reason. The fiance and I, now husband, got married on Saturday, July 19th. It truly was the most amazing day and it was everything we had hoped for and more! We then took off early Monday morning for Sitges in Spain and spent 6 days there (with 2 day trips to Barcelona in between). We are back in Copenhagen now for a few days to spend some more time with my family before enjoying the last of our summer vacation at the summerhouse. I'll be back with more regular posts soon!

Photo from my friend C!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


My youngest sister has been in town and I have been slowly taking her around to some of my favorite places in Copenhagen and we also did a little day trip to Lund and Malmö this last week as well. Of course we had cake at Strangas, cinnamon buns at St. Jakobs, and chased sunsets after having ice cream at Ismageriet. We also visited my old university campus in Lund, checked out some of the more modern architecture in Copenhagen, and of course did some more shopping in the city. The rest of my family and friends are flying in this week for our wedding on Saturday! There's still a few things to tie up with wedding planning, there will be lots of trips to the airport this week, and most importantly, lots of friends and family to catch up with! It is going to be a busy week but one of the best ever I am sure!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Naked Chocolate Cake with Summer Berries

It had been awhile since I've baked a cake with buttercream frosting. Sometimes you just want a really good piece of chocolate cake (or sometimes your pavlova layers get burnt in the oven and you need a quick go to recipe to whip up a birthday cake for a friend that evening)!

I turned to my trusty chocolate cupcake recipe for this cake. I doubled Sweetapolita's Classic (One Bowl) Chocolate Cupcake recipe to make two 8-inch cake layers. I wanted the naked cake look so I just made one batch of Sweetapolita's Chocolate Cloud Frosting. I frosted the top of the bottom layer with a thick layer of buttercream before scattering some fresh raspberries and little Danish strawberries over the frosting. I then stacked the top layer of the cake on and spread the rest of the frosting and piled on more berries. This cake stayed moist for days. I stored it in the fridge after serving it on Monday night because it has been so hot here and the frosting would not have held up in the heat. The cake was still moist when I enjoyed the last slice today! This recipe is one of my favorites and super easy to whip up. Definitely save this one for that day when your chocolate cake craving strikes!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Best Pizza in Town at Forno a Legna

Sorry about my lack of posts this week! I can't say my posts will be so regular the next few weeks with the wedding in two weeks now and going away on our honeymoon. I'll have lots to share after the wedding I promise! It has been a busy one with my sister staying with the fiance and I, completing wedding tasks, and celebrating some friends' wedding here yesterday as well.

After spending the day celebrating our friends L and T's wedding yesterday, we were feeling too lazy and tired to make dinner. So we decided to go to our favorite pizza place for dinner! I am always so tempted to have pizza whenever we pass by Forno a Legna.

Forno a Legna is always busy, whether it is at lunch or at dinner. We like to pre-order our pizzas on the phone and get there a few minutes before the estimated time to make sure we get our pizzas when they are super fresh. They have a handful of tables and chairs outside so we like to sit out there, eat our pizza, and just people watch a bit on Falkoner Alle.

One of our favorites there is their bolognese pizza. We get it everytime. Their pizzas have thin crusts that are still chewy and they bake their pizzas in a real stone oven. We love topping our pizzas with their garlic oil and chili flakes. If you haven't been, you have to pay them a visit!

Forno a Legna
Falkoner Alle 42
2000 Frederiksberg

They are open every day from 11am to 10pm.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding On My Mind

With just a little over three weeks until our wedding, most of my days are filled with wedding prep. I am currently packaging our wedding favors, finding music for our wedding processional, and planning other wedding related events.

On a not wedding related note, I picked some elderflower last weekend and made our own elderflower cordial! I normally don't really care for the elderflower cordial that you buy from the grocery store just because I feel like they taste almost like nothing and is just sweet. But wow! This homemade elderflower cordial is really flowery and tastes delicious with some extra lemon squeezed in.

Yesterday night, the fiance's mom and I had a little flower arranging trial for the wedding. We will be ordering the wedding bouquets from my favorite florist but we thought it would be fun to do the church flowers ourselves.  I love those little raspberry colored things!

We have also been scouting locations for wedding photos. So far we are thinking of getting our pictures done at some of the botanical gardens or parks in the city. However, I also really like the raw, industrial feel of the Refshaleøen area and we might do our engagement photos out there right before the wedding. Anyone have any suggestions for rainy day photos? Just in case it does rain!

So that is my life lately! Wedding everything.

How are you? What have you been up to?